Terms and Conditions of Service

We conduct our daily business in a fair and transparent way. Being a professional and reputable service provider we are very strict about how and why we do things, whether it be something small like amending a quoted price, or settling disputes and conflicts. In order to keep things fair and square between customers and ourselves we adhere to a set of rules which regulate the way we do business. In commercial lingo these are known as our Terms and Conditions.

These terms are specially designed and formulated to be fair and unbiased for both sides (customers and company). They also outline and explain the rules and responsibilities of each party (customers and company) in the course of the contractual relationship between the two. We understand that going through the small print is a pain in the neck but we strongly advise clients to read carefully and understand our service terms before committing to do business with us. Being familiar with our terms and conditions will prevent potential conflict and disputes. If after reading our service terms and conditions you are unclear about one or more of those, by all means let us know and we will be happy to clarify and explain.